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PRI Pelvis Restoration (Nov)

Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Level 1 (Nov)

Michelle Boland & Lucy Hendricks - A Consistent Approach to To Coaching: Fundamental Positions & Exercises (Sep)

Derek Hansen - Running Mechanics Professional, Level 1 (Jul)

Zac Cupples - Human Matrix (Jun)

PRI Postural Respiration (May)

Andreas Saltas - Influence of Breathing Mechanics on Grounding (Mar)

Marc Drobenko - Intro to DNS (Feb)

Sean Light - 4A Health & Performance Sciences (Ongoing education)

Dr. Pat Davidson - Hype Gym Power Hour (Ongoing education)


PRI Myokinematic Restoration (Nov)

Dr. Pat Davidson, Michael Mullin ATC, Dr. Ben House, Derek Hansen - Melding of Models (Oct)

PROnatal Fitness (Sep)

Perform Better Summit - Chicago, IL (Jul)

Dr. Pat Davidson/Sean Light - NYC High Performance Seminar (Apr)

Sean Light - Role of the Brain in Training (Apr)

PRI Integration for Fitness & Movement  (Feb)


Precision Nutrition, Level 1 Coach  (Apr)


HardStyle Kettlebell Certification  (Nov)

Perform Better Summit - Long Beach, CA  (Aug)

Dr. Quinn Henoch - ClinicalAthlete Weightlifting Coach  (Jun)

High Performance Living Symposium  (Mar)

Dr. Emily Splichal - Foot to Core Sequencing  (Feb)


Craig Liebenson - Bridge The Gap  (Dec)

Dr. Doug Kechijian - (Webinar) Improving Squat Mobility: The Importance of Hip Rotation  (Dec)

Joe Gonzalez - “What is PRI?” @ Catalyst S.P.O.R.T.  (Nov)

Perry Nickelston - Frontal Plane Vulnerability  (Nov)

Andreo Spina - Functional Range Conditioning, Level 1  (Sep)

Ma Strength - Chinese Weightlifting Seminar  (Aug)

Perform Better Summit - Providence, RI  (Jul)

Certified Functional Strength Coach  (Jun)

Progressive Bodyweight Training @ Equinox  (Jun)

ViPR Training Workshop @ Equinox  (May)

Animal Flow, Level 1  (Mar)

Dr. Kathy Dooley - Foot Mechanics @ Catalyst S.P.O.R.T.  (Feb)

Jason Kapnick - Low Bar Squat @ Catalyst S.P.O.R.T.  (Jan)


ACE Certified Personal Trainer (Oct)

Original Strength, Foundations (Jun)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer  (Mar)

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