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Runners Team Program

Runners Team Program

The only Strength & Performance Training Program designed to optimize your running mechanics by training you out of your natural asymmetries/muscle imbalances so that you generate more force and power with each stride


This is a 4 Month Training Commitment that will Increase your Strength, Running Speed & Stamina while Decreasing your Likelihood of Injury over the course of 16 weeks, and is ideally done in conjunction with your running regimen for best results

  • Accessing Your Program

    Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email which includes a PDF of my recommended (but optional) home training equipment, and then a separate personalized email with instructions on how to access the live program using Google Sheets so that you can make edits and track your progress over the weeks.

    You are absolutely welcome to move through the weeks at your own pace, and even repeat an extra week or 2 if you feel you need more practice before advancing!


    BONUS - Join the private Facebook Group for community and support where you may ask questions & post videos of your training for feedback, as well as connect with fellow team mates who are doing the same program!


    *Please note this program is non-refundable as you will have irrevocable access to the intellectual property.*

$300.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
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