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Chances are if you're here then you're still foam rolling or stretching because someone said "you're supposed to"

But why keep doing something that provides you a minute of relief at best, without addressing the reason for your "tightness"?

And that's exactly what this Runners Warm Up 2.0 + Checklist will help you with!

Because if you're anything like the Runners I work with, you don't just need more "core exercises" and "glute strengthening" for all your mobility problems and injury risks to go away

You need more ROTATION

If you cannot rotate well in training

Then it's understandable that you might feel stiff or limited in your muscle "flexibility"

Which means that if you want to improve your running form...


Change how your body feels before, during or after your runs...

And mitigate potential injury factors like overuse, repetitive stress & muscle pulls...

Then all it takes is optimizing your hip positions and teaching your rib cage how to expand & compress on opposite sides so that rotation happens where it needs to

That way, you'll immediately improve your foot/ankle mobility, influence your arm swing, and maximize your breathing ability all at the same time  (a BIG deal for Runners of all levels!)

So take the cueing & the instruction from a coach that gets it

Introducing the
#SkilledStrong Runners Team Program

The only Strength & Performance Training Program designed to restore rotation in your running body, maximize your breathing ability, and get you stronger & faster at the same time

Go from feeling Average and Achy to Robust and Resilient in just 16 weeks

Here's What You're Getting:

  • 16 Week At-Home Training Program performed alongside your running regimen for best results


  • 3 workouts per week with each exercise linked to a coached video demonstration

  • Planned training objectives for each of 4 monthly phases to guide your efforts

  • Ongoing coaching feedback from me when you join the private Facebook group where you can interact with fellow runners on the team for community support

  • Lifetime Access to ALL unlisted coaching videos in the program plus ALL future upgrades to it via Google sheets


  • Newfound awareness of your body's actual mobility needs so you can troubleshoot when something feels off and immediately restore what's missing

  • Ongoing knowledge of how to position yourself to execute any exercise so that your efforts serve to improve your running mechanics

INCREASE Your Strength, Speed & Stamina

within 4 months while

DECREASING Your Likelihood of Injury

The Science

Every exercise progression in this program is derived from the mechanical phases of a running stride

From the moment of initial contact (regardless of how your foot strikes), to the moment of being fully weight bearing on a single foot, to the moment of pushing off that foot to unload one side of the body prior to striking the ground with the next foot, certain things need to happen in the right places at the right times

Since each phase of gait happens in milliseconds, it's not feasible to make lasting changes to your running mechanics during a long run

Rather it's through strength training that you have more time to execute any rep so that your intent, positioning and execution drives the desired improvements in your running that actually stick

I could tell you how powerful my program is, but I won't.

Here's what my Running clients are saying:

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Join my Runners Team Program TODAY for instant access:
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Here's what more Runners are saying:

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Q: Who is this program for?

All level Runners, from novice to elite competitors, wanting to train specifically to improve their running mechanics, increase their stamina, decrease their mile times, and PR their next race.

If you run casually, if you run for sport, if you want to get in to running but don't know how to start strength training, this is the program for you.

Q: What if I'm already on a strength program?

Fantastic! But if you're anything like the Runners I work with, your training may be overlooking: 

1. The relationship of your rib cage & pelvis (which determines mobility at the hips, ankles & shoulders)

2. Intentional breathing to maximize oxygen uptake

3. How to ground your feet for core integration and maximum force production/absorption


These are small but significant details that immediately maximize your running and help you become a more efficient athlete long term.

Q: Is there any coaching?

Absolutely! Every single warm up, exercise, breathing drill is linked to an unlisted coaching video where I walk you through the set up & execution. That way you know if you're doing it right and what to change if you're not.

PLUS you'll have 24/7 access to me in the private Facebook group to ask questions and receive feedback on the training videos you choose to post. You'll also get to watch other Runners on the team doing the same exercises so you can take away helpful cues and insight into how to perform them.

Q: Do I need equipment to do this program at home?

Aside from a mat, a foam roller, and a band you can makeshift everything else using household items. For most of the exercises you just need your own bodyweight.


If you wish to optimize your Runners Team experience and create a simple home gym to keep training after you're done with the program, check out my list of recommended (but optional) home training equipment.


Q: What if I want to train at a gym?

Given the worldwide circumstances I understand the need for people to be cautious, so I designed this program to be done at home with minimal equipment.


And while you're welcome to do the workouts at a gym with weights, you'll be shocked at how hard you're going to work with just your bodyweight!


This program will essentially rewire how your brain commands your body to produce movement so that better stuff starts happening for you on your runs. It's training with intention.


So before you increase load, aim to nail the positions, tempo, breathing and foot contact as instructed.

About your Coach

When I started coaching in 2014 I was on a mission to train people to move well. I trained everyone like the textbooks said: knees out, chest up, butt back, spread the floor.


My clients got fitter working with me, but I later came to realize that I was pigeon holing them further into one single position rather than having them train in a variety of shapes & positions that would improve mobility in the areas they lacked it.

7 years later most of the fitness industry still hasn’t come to that realization, so I’m on a mission to raise the standard of how exercises are coached, programmed and progressed to get people the best results possible.

You can say I took a deep dive into gait and respiratory mechanics, and it’s how I’ve come to LOVEEE working with runners! 

Strength training is now one of many tools I use to facilitate running performance, improve posture, and restore lost range of motion throughout the body.

My lens for assessing, coaching, and programming movement has since evolved and continues to adapt with my ongoing education, and it's my application of these principles to strength and conditioning that sets me apart from other coaches in the industry who can't get their clients the same results.

Marathon Runners
So, you have a choice!
You can progress the slow way, continue to keep training as you were, maybe take some of my wisdom, attempt to implement it into your current strength program and hope that it makes a difference with fingers crossed that your running will improve
 Or you can progress the fast way with all the accountability and support that you need from me and your fellow teammates to confidently take your running to the next level.
Need help deciding if the Runners Team Program is right for you?
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